The Likwel Ponzi scheme has collapsed, as announced on their official Telegram channel on September 9th. The scam admitted to freezing the company’s activity for 2 years due to difficulties in their growth process. However, this is just a simple excuse for their exit-scam. Although Likwel claimed that only 18% of investors lost money, in reality, the majority of investors fell victim to the Ponzi scheme. Likwel organized promotional events in various countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Cyprus, France, and Spain. They had planned an event in Dubai on September 20th, but it was later postponed as part of their exit-scam. SimilarWeb’s traffic analysis suggests that most victims of Likwel are from France and Poland. The collapse of the Ponzi scheme is likely due to a decrease in website traffic between July and August. Likwel attracted investors by promising up to 2.25% daily returns. The scheme was likely run by Russian scammers, with Anton Kozlov posing as Boris CEO Hector Miles. The Bank of Russia issued a warning about the Likwel fraud in December 2022, indicating that the scheme targeted investors outside of Russia. The exact number of victims and the total amount lost are unknown unless action is taken by authorities.

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