Two individuals involved in the Pay Diamond scam have been apprehended in Argentina. The mother and son, Brian Gutierrez (27) and Nilda Coque (47), were arrested in Buenos Aires based on Interpol arrest warrants. The arrest footage was shared on Twitter by Ignacio Gonzales Prieto. The detainees are currently awaiting extradition to Bolivia, as they were found to have established a “financial company” in Argentina as part of their illegal activities. Various assets linked to their scam, such as buildings, supermarkets, apartments, luxury vehicles, and homes, have also been identified. Pay Diamond, a Ponzi scheme that promised a 5% weekly return on investment, originally started in Brazil, resulting in multiple arrests in 2019. Although Gutierrez and Coque did not create Pay Diamond, they established a branch of the scheme in Capinota, Bolivia. This branch defrauded approximately 30,000 Bolivian migrants in Argentina, totaling an estimated $60 million. The scheme primarily targeted members of the Bolivian community and held events to offer financial education in exchange for capital contributions. Luis Miguel M.A., who is believed to be one of the founding partners of Pay Diamond in Bolivia, was arrested by Bolivian authorities in February 2020. Miguel went on to launch additional Ponzi schemes after the collapse of Pay Diamond. Apart from regulatory actions taken in Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina, a criminal case was opened in Paraguay in 2017 related to Pay Diamond, and Canadian authorities issued a securities fraud warning in the same year.

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