Three individuals promoting IM Mastery Academy in Poland have been charged with promoting a pyramid scheme, according to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). The charges were filed after UOKiK issued a fraud warning against IM Mastery Academy in July 2022. President Tomasz Chróstny announced the charges against Grzegorz Baryla, Franciszek Rumak, and Łukasz Spórna in a communication on August 30th. Despite UOKiK’s warning, the trio continued to promote the project, which claims to sell educational packages in finance and e-commerce. UOKiK has the authority to fine MLM pyramid scheme promoters 10% of their ill-gotten gains under Polish law. IM Mastery Academy is a US MLM company that has faced concerns about pyramid schemes and securities fraud. While the FTC is reportedly investigating IM Mastery Academy, there have been no recent updates since May 2023.

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