A reader recently received an unusual email from the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding Richard Maike, the founder of Infinity2Global. The email stated that Maike had been released from federal custody and that his appeal had been affirmed. However, this contradicted a previous report by TheRipOFF, which stated that Maike’s appeal had been dismissed.

Upon investigating the matter, it was confirmed that Maike’s appeal was indeed dismissed, as per a joint-motion filed by Maike and the DOJ. The case docket did not show any other appeals or updates related to the May 10th dismissal. Furthermore, the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate search confirmed that Maike is still in custody at USP Marion.

The reason for the DOJ’s incorrect email notification to Infinity2Global victims remains unknown. It appears that Maike’s attorneys filed a Motion to Withdraw, citing unpaid legal fees and expenses. The motion was granted by the court, and on September 5th, Maike requested permission to continue his case without prepaying legal fees or costs, stating his inability to pay. Unless Maike was released very recently and the prison website hasn’t updated, it seems that the DOJ’s email was erroneous.

Any further updates on this matter will be provided as they become available.

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