Pruvit, a company in the network marketing industry, is taking legal action against distributors who have left the company. Three lawsuits have been filed at the state level and have now been brought to federal court. Pruvit is seeking injunctions against former distributors Alexis Brady, Casey Kio, and Brianna Blackburn.

Alexis Brady, based in Colorado, was part of Pruvit’s “Ownership Pool” as alleged by Pruvit in their filed Complaint on September 1st. Pruvit claims that Brady violated the Terms and Conditions of the Ownership Pool by recruiting Pruvit distributors before and after leaving the company. Although the Complaint does not mention the name of the MLM company Brady is promoting, she advertises the opportunity to make a substantial monthly income on her Facebook page.

Casey Kio, based in New Jersey, also qualified for Pruvit’s Ownership Pool. Unlike Brady, Kio was terminated by Pruvit on July 13, 2023. Pruvit accuses Kio of promoting Green Compass, another MLM company, to Pruvit distributors before and after her termination. Pruvit is seeking an injunction against Kio.

Brianna Blackburn, based in Ohio, was also qualified for Pruvit’s Ownership Pool and is now promoting Green Compass after leaving Pruvit voluntarily on July 14, 2023. Pruvit alleges that Blackburn has recruited Pruvit distributors to join Green Compass through social media posts and personal interactions. Pruvit is seeking an injunction against Blackburn as well.

It is common for struggling MLM companies to sue distributors who leave, although these disputes are usually settled confidentially. Instead of spending resources on legal action, it might be more beneficial for Pruvit to address the reasons behind the decreased commissions, as disclosed by Michael Rutherford. The progress of these lawsuits can be tracked on TheRipOFF calendar.

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