Netmi does not provide any information about its ownership or executives on its website. The website domain for Netmi, “,” was privately registered on February 21, 2023. It is always a cause for concern when an MLM company is not transparent about its leadership, so it is advisable to carefully consider joining or investing in such a company.

Netmi does not offer any products or services that can be sold to retail customers. Instead, affiliates can only promote the Netmi affiliate membership itself.

The compensation plan of Netmi involves affiliates investing in cryptocurrency. The company promises returns based on the amount invested and the duration of the investment. The MLM side of Netmi pays affiliates based on their recruitment of new investors.

There are several affiliate ranks within Netmi’s compensation plan, each with specific qualification criteria. Referral commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation structure, where affiliates earn a percentage of the cryptocurrency invested by their downline affiliates up to six levels deep.

Netmi also offers a Volume Bonus and Performance Bonus to reward affiliates for reaching certain referral commission milestones and personally recruiting others to invest, respectively. However, funds earned through these bonuses are not withdrawable and must be reinvested.

Joining Netmi as an affiliate is free, but to fully participate in the income opportunity, a minimum investment of $50 is required. The company accepts investment in various cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, Netmi is operating a Ponzi scheme disguised as a “staking” model. The company claims to manage the digital assets of clients and investors but does not provide any evidence that it generates revenue through trading or investing in blockchain startups. It relies solely on new investments to pay affiliate withdrawals, which is characteristic of a Ponzi scheme. When new investment slows down, the scheme is likely to collapse, resulting in financial losses for the majority of participants.

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