According to a motion seeking a contempt order and sanctions, the owners of Debt Box are allegedly hiding and trying to sell frozen assets. Additionally, these owners are not cooperating with a court-appointed Temporary Receiver, which violates a previously granted Temporary Restraining Order. Debt Box was implicated in a securities fraud case filed by the SEC against iX Global and Debt Box, accusing them of $49 million in fraud. The defendants named in the motion filed by the Temporary Receiver are Jason R. Anderson, Jacob S. Anderson, Schad E. Brannon, and Roydon B. Nelson. The Temporary Receiver claims that as of September 13th, the owners of Debt Box have refused to hand over all books and records. The information they are legally required to provide includes financial statements, assets and liabilities, employee details, communications channels, and information on law firms and ongoing litigation. The Temporary Receiver also alleges that the owners have not agreed to interviews and have withheld critical passwords. In a separate report, the Temporary Receiver noted that significant assets have been moved overseas. Prior to filing the complaint, executives and promoters of iX Global and Debt Box planned to flee to Dubai, according to the SEC. Furthermore, Jason and Jacob Anderson initiated foreclosure proceedings on a frozen property asset through their company, Blox. The motion filed by the Temporary Receiver is still awaiting responses from the co-owners of Debt Box and a decision from the court.

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