TFVPM lacks transparency as it does not provide any ownership or executive information on its website. Furthermore, the website domain was registered with false details. The support section of TFVPM’s website reveals that it runs on Meiqia software, a Chinese company based in Beijing. This suggests a connection to China, which is reinforced by the fact that TFVPM’s website domain is registered through Alibaba (Singapore).

It is important to exercise caution when dealing with MLM companies that do not openly disclose information about their owners or operators. It is advisable to think carefully before joining or investing money in such companies.

TFVPM does not offer any tangible products or services for retail. Instead, affiliates can only promote TFVPM’s affiliate membership.

The compensation plan of TFVPM involves affiliates investing tether (USDT) with the promise of returns. The returns vary depending on the investment plan chosen. TFVPM also offers referral commissions to affiliates for recruiting others into the scheme, with commissions paid up to three levels deep in a unilevel structure.

Joining TFVPM as an affiliate is free, but active participation in the income opportunity requires a minimum investment of 10 USDT.

In conclusion, TFVPM is a Ponzi scheme disguised as a “click a button” app. It claims to engage in quantitative trading, but the reality is that it generates revenue by using newly invested funds to pay earlier investors. TFVPM’s alleged SEC license is baseless, as it is not registered with the SEC. Similar Ponzi schemes have emerged recently, and TFVPM is believed to be part of this trend. These “click a button” app Ponzis often collapse after a few weeks or months, leaving investors with losses. The perpetrators behind these schemes are believed to be a group of Chinese scammers.

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