The combined securities fraud of iX Global and Debt Box has now reached over $110 million, an increase from the initial $49 million that the SEC sued the companies for just last month. This information was disclosed in the Temporary Receiver’s First Status Report on September 13th. So far, the Temporary Receiver and SEC have only been able to identify around $11 million in assets, including $5 million in digital assets and $5.9 million in fiat assets. It is worth noting that out of the $5 million in digital assets, Debt Box’s owners have only turned over $140,000. This raises questions about whether they were hiding taxable income from the IRS. It is also worth mentioning that prior to the SEC’s filing, iX Global and Debt Box had plans to flee to Dubai. The Temporary Receiver has identified millions of dollars in fiat assets that were either transferred overseas or used for purported overseas operations by Receivership Entities. The investigation is ongoing, and more information about these assets is expected to be provided to the court in the coming weeks. It appears that iX Global and Debt Box had intended to obtain visas and continue laundering investor funds through shell companies in Dubai. In addition to the $5.9 million frozen by the SEC, the Temporary Receiver has identified approximately $9.5 million in fiat assets transferred to escrow companies for real estate purchases, as well as about $1 million transferred for luxury vehicles and other car-related expenses. The Receiver has also identified several million dollars transferred for the purchase of the Lazy Magnolia brewery in Mississippi. Pending sanctions against Debt Box’s owners, who have refused to cooperate with the Temporary Receiver in violation of a granted Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), the Receiver intends to continue the investigation to locate and secure assets belonging to the Receivership Estate. This will hopefully provide more clarity on the alleged fraud by iX Global and Debt Box and shed light on what happened to the majority of the unaccounted $110 million in investor funds.

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