Following the second collapse of the CryptoFamily Ponzi scheme, Nebojsa Katic is starting a new scam involving NFTs.

CryptoFamily was a simple MLM crypto Ponzi scheme that promised a daily return of 8.33%. Participants invested in $24 NFT positions, which paid $2 a day for 90 days.

Additionally, a non-publicly traded token called FamilyToken (FT) was introduced to conveniently avoid paying out real money.

Unsurprisingly, the unsustainable returns led to the collapse of CryptoFamily around July 2023.

The reboot of CryptoFamily involves soliciting investors for 69 USDT to purchase a new NFT.

The original deadline for this purchase was September 1st, but as of now, it has been extended to September 14th.

The purchase of this NFT grants two years of site access from the date of payment and priority payment status.

Victims of the CryptoFamily Ponzi scheme are being told that withdrawals will be allowed again on October 1st.

However, it is clear that any withdrawals made will be funded by the 69 USDT payments for the NFTs.

Those who do not invest an additional 69 USDT will have to wait until November 1st.

The original Ponzi scheme operated under the domain “”. The 2022 reboot used “” but was abandoned after TheRipOFF published an article in February 2023.

The new domain for CryptoFamily is “”, registered privately in April 2023.

CryptoFamily is now coordinating its new NFT scheme through its Telegram group and Google Forms.

Both Crypto Family and Nebojsa Katic are based in Dubai, known as the MLM scam capital of the world.

As we anticipate the inevitable dump and collapse of FT on the exchange, we will continue to provide updates.

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