Shining Star Earning does not disclose any ownership or executive information on its website. The website domain,, was privately registered on August 23rd, 2023. The use of Pakistani Rupees suggests that someone with ties to Pakistan is operating the company. It is important to be cautious about joining or investing in MLM companies that do not provide transparent information about their leadership.

Shining Star Earning does not offer any tangible products or services that can be sold. Affiliates can only promote the affiliate membership itself as their primary source of income.

The compensation plan of Shining Star Earning involves affiliates investing in Pakistani Rupees. They promise returns based on different investment packages. These returns range from daily payouts over various lengths of time. The company also offers referral commissions on invested amounts down two levels of recruitment.

To join Shining Star Earning, affiliate membership is free, but full participation in the income opportunity requires a minimum investment of 850 PKR. The company accepts investments through Pakistani payment processors EasyPaisa and JazzCash.

In conclusion, Shining Star Earning appears to be solely dependent on new investments as a source of income, with no external revenue generation. This raises concerns that it could be operating as a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes rely on new investments to pay existing affiliates, and when recruitment slows down, the scheme eventually collapses, causing significant financial losses for the majority of participants.

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