The GPBots Ponzi scheme has collapsed, with withdrawals disabled for at least four days and the CEO of GPBots unreachable. The exact timing of when withdrawals were disabled is uncertain, but a post on Ari Maccabi’s Facebook group indicated that he had not been paid for four days. It is still unclear who the CEO of GPBots is, but there have been rumors linking Maccabi and Darren Little to the Ponzi scheme. However, there is no definitive evidence to support these claims. GPBots operated as a simple AI trading Ponzi scheme, promising a daily return of 1%. Prior to its collapse, GPBots introduced a token called GBux, which was associated with a secondary Ponzi scheme. On September 9th, GPBots completed its exit-scam by dumping GBux onto its affiliates. Additionally, GPBots announced an unscheduled “audit” and a system shutdown from September 14th to October 14th, during which users’ earnings and withdrawals would be interrupted. In an attempt to deter complaints to authorities like the Philippine SEC, GPBots promoted a monthly ROI of 2% on staked GBux. The extent of the losses suffered by GPBots investors is still uncertain. According to SimilarWeb, the top sources of traffic to GPBots’ websites were Poland, the US, and France.

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