Google has reportedly removed ITP Corp’s Ponzi app from the Google Play Store. The app and the developer account associated with “Sergii Levchenko” were removed on September 11th, 2023. ITP Corp has claimed unscheduled maintenance as a cover-up for Google’s actions. It seems that Google took action after receiving a tip-off from a reader of TheRipOFF.

After discovering that their app and developer account were deleted by Google, ITP Corp removed the “download software” link from their homepage, although the page itself is still accessible. They then posted a maintenance message on their official Telegram channel, stating that they are updating and upgrading the Android OS to provide a better experience for Android users.

However, ITP Corp’s explanation for the maintenance makes no sense, as app updates on the Google Play Store are usually pushed out without the need to take down the app. The 10-day timeframe mentioned in the message suggests that Google may have given ITP Corp 10 days to address undisclosed issues, although it could also be an arbitrary timeline.

According to the same reader who contacted Google, they have also reached out to Apple regarding the issue. They reported that their initial call with Apple was not taken seriously, but another person later called and showed more concern, promising to escalate the matter. However, they mentioned that Apple cannot provide updates.

The approval of Ponzi apps on Google and Apple’s respective app stores has been a persistent problem. If both companies are now willing to remove obvious scams after receiving complaints, it is a positive development for consumers.

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