Galionex does not provide any ownership or executive information on its website. The website domain was privately registered in July 2023. Galionex has a marketing video on its YouTube channel, which appears to be created by non-native English speakers. Additionally, the official marketing material created by Galionex suggests ties to Russia or Ukraine. The company tries to appear legitimate by providing Australian incorporation certificates, but these certificates are meaningless for MLM due-diligence.

Galionex does not offer any real products or services for retail. Affiliates can only promote Galionex’s affiliate membership itself. The compensation plan consists of various investment plans with promised returns. These plans pay out on different schedules, with some requiring mandatory reinvestment of a percentage of the daily ROI.

Galionex’s MLM side pays commissions based on recruiting new affiliate investors. There are thirteen affiliate ranks within the compensation plan, each with specific qualification criteria. Referral commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation structure, where affiliates earn a percentage of the funds invested by their downline up to twenty levels deep.

Joining Galionex as an affiliate is free, but full participation in the income opportunity requires a minimum investment of $50. However, Galionex fails to provide evidence that it generates revenue through AI crypto trading or pays withdrawals with trading revenue. Their business model raises questions and suggests a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, Galionex’s passive returns investment scheme may be considered a securities offering, and the company lacks evidence of registration with financial regulators.

In summary, Galionex relies on new investment to sustain its revenue, making it vulnerable to collapse when recruitment slows down. This collapse will result in the majority of participants losing money, as is the case with most Ponzi schemes.

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