WDC Quantify lacks ownership or executive information on its websites. The known domains it operates from are wdcquantifyvip.com, wdcquantify.com, and wdcquantify.vip. Despite claiming to be a “London-based company founded in 2017,” WDC Quantify has only been in existence since February 2023 at the earliest. Their marketing videos on YouTube feature actors posing as Boris CEO, including one named “Christopher Davies” who is actually Edgar Castle, a Venezuelan fashion model. It appears that WDC Quantify’s marketing videos are shot in Venezuela with Venezuelan actors. Furthermore, the source code on their .COM domain suggests a connection to China, while Boris CEO marketing videos are typically associated with Russian scammers. It is important to exercise caution when considering joining or investing in an MLM company that does not openly disclose its ownership or leadership.

Regarding its products, WDC Quantify does not offer any retailable products or services. Instead, their affiliates solely promote WDC Quantify affiliate membership itself.

In terms of compensation, WDC Quantify affiliates invest USDT and receive daily returns based on their membership level. There are different VIP levels with corresponding investment amounts and daily returns. To qualify for each level, affiliates need to meet certain recruitment criteria. WDC Quantify pays referral commissions through a unilevel compensation structure, where affiliates earn a percentage of invested USDT up to four levels deep.

Joining WDC Quantify as an affiliate is free, but active participation in the income opportunity requires a minimum investment of 35 USDT.

In conclusion, WDC Quantify operates as a Ponzi scheme disguised as a quantitative trading platform. Affiliates are misled into believing that by clicking a button in the app, they can generate revenue through quantitative trading. However, this is simply a ruse, and the company actually relies on new investments to pay earlier investors. WDC Quantify is part of a group of “click a button” app Ponzis that have emerged since late 2021, many of which have collapsed after a few weeks or months. It is believed that a group of Chinese scammers is behind this trend. It is important to be aware of the risks involved and exercise caution when dealing with such schemes.

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